Tips for Driving in Snow

Driving technique is just as essential as the preparedness of the car itself for safe driving. Following these tips for winter driving can make a big difference in staying in control of your car. Slow and smooth is the way to go. Going slowly compensates for a lot of what can happen when the slick roads suddenly create havoc.

A piece of Car Talk advice from the masters: stepping down on the gas or brake should be as gentle as stepping on eggshells so as not to break them. Traction for winter tires is aided by slow speeds and smooth driver reactions.

Moreover, don’t accelerate or decelerate. Always keep a good distance between your car and the one in front of you, allowing more than that recommended for dry pavement.

If you skid, steer into the skid instead of following the natural instinct to steer away from it. Let the inherent stability of the car get you back on track by not fighting it.

Tire Recappers is proud to offer a new line of winter tires. In fact, as a special order option, we offer a way to enhance traction for winter driving. We add crushed acorns into the rubber while it is being wrapped around the casing. The acorns are cured into the rubber when we put the tire in the mold (ice studs are also available on some tires) Stopping and steering will be much easier this way. Choose economical, environmentally-friendly retread winter tires, knowing that safety is a top priority. Call us toll-free at 855-507-3227 or locally at 615-832-0887 to learn more.