Farm Fresh: Buying New Tires for Old Tractors

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A tractor is a significant investment; one which you want to keep in good working condition for as long as possible. One of the best ways to extend the life of your tractor is to replace its tires. That’s easy enough, right? Just head on over to the new tire place and purchase a set. Seems like a good idea until you see the price tag associated with those new tires. The good news is there are other options. For instance, retread tires can help keep your old tractor in business at a fraction of the cost.

The retreading process is quite thorough, as it involves a rigorous inspection of a used tire, which is then buffed and recapped with brand new tread. The result is like-new, quality tires that are much more affordable. retread tires are also much more environmentally friendly. If you’re in the market for new tractor tires and are considering going the retread route, here’s what you need to do first.

Determine Your Tire Size

This information can typically be found on the tire’s sidewall. Look for a two number combo separated by a slash or hyphen. With two-number figures, the first number represents the tire’s width in inches and the second is the size of the rim. You’ll need this info to ensure that the tires you purchase are the right size for your machine.

Contact a Supplier

Again, if you’re looking for brand new tires, be prepared to pay a hefty price. It’s a much wiser investment to choose recycled tires. It’s also important to choose a tire supply company that is reputable, especially when you’re dealing with retread tires. Make sure you choose an established company that is experienced, not only in remarketing tires, but specifically in working with the specialized tires of farm machinery.

Match Your Needs

With the details of your tires in hand, the next step is determining what product would be the best option for you. Beyond differentiating between new and recycled, retreaded tires also come in different styles. For instance, various tread options are available, depending on the size you’re looking for. This is another reason choosing an established company to work with is so important. Someone who is experienced in dealing with tractor tires can help you determine which product would be best suited for your needs. You want to find someone you can trust to point you in the right direction.

Why Choose A Retreaded Farm Tire

There are many reasons to choose retread tires over new tires for your farm equipment. First off, all of our retread farm tires are done on a steel belted light truck casing, whereas new farm tires are nylon. These steel belted farm tires are more puncture resistant that a traditional farm tire and provide better steering on a slope. In addition, steel belted farm tires are a tubeless option, which not only will save you from having to buy tires more frequently, it will also save you money in the long run.

Ultimately, deciding whether to purchase new or retread tires for your tractor is your decision. For those who wish to be careful about their spending, retread tires are a wise investment. Need more info? Give us a call at 855-507-3227. We’ve been in the tire business since 1960. You can count on us!